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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 11, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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and the normal course of us fares in an international air crash like this is at the country where took place he will be running the investigation and that's when the civil aviation organization has run many matrix investigations in the past and filk competence or they'll do a very competent expert job at this also they will call into the investigation any organization they can get insight into what happened certainly in boeing will be one of those organizations ethiopian airlines will be another and perhaps other organizations depending on what they fought to really popular plane isn't it i think the numbers i saw earlier showed a backlog of four thousand seven hundred of these planes that's correct the backlog is so he says boeing had no further orders for the aircraft to take monthly eight years to work through the backlog so yes this airplane will be around for decades to come and this is the version of the aircraft that's most advanced in many ways and has some systems including flight control systems which have been
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changed and again during this investigation those things will be looked at if the black boxes if other evidence shows one of the systems was malfunctioning or had not been repaired properly or were it was being handled and probably by the crew can of course will be very insightful can you tell me more about those sorts of changes because we as consumers generally hear things about fuel efficiency or comfort inside the cabin those are the changes we hear about without getting too technical what are the sorts of changes which which happened at the at the pointy end for the pilot. well the most important change when it comes to the airplane handles has to do with the fuel efficiency part of indirectly there is a different kind of engine put on the aircraft was a larger engine and in order to fit the aircraft the engine of the aircraft the aircraft had to be redesigned landing gear was extended somewhat and the engines were sitting in a bit forward compared to other versions because of that the balance of the
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aircraft changed and there were some changes to the flight control system such that the aircraft would handle better under some circumstances and getting back to the liner of that one of the things that the investigators are looking at is whether that system was operating properly at the time of the crash now without going into great detail there is something going on with the liner aircraft and previous crews had recognized and correct but the accident crew did not recognize or correct. it's unclear at this point if that system was even involved in this aircraft crash todd curtis from a safe dot com really glad we could talk to about all of this thank you so much thanks for having more now with the online reaction to this event. the hash tag here can airlines began trending worldwide soon after that crash happens and also the hashtag that people are using is the c three zero two of course that's
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the flight number and those are still being used in those online conversations i have here peter airlines which to its social media pages to black immediately after the accident happened and there in sending updates to people that way now the company's c.e.o. visited the crash site and he has given his condolences one of the other companies that has been doing that is boeing which makes the seven three seven max it's also offered its condolences but its tweets were met with hundreds of responses highlighting previous incidents with this aircraft and some demanding the company actually grounds all of its seven three seven max models for good and just to give you an idea of some of those tweets in response this is from someone who wrote that they just booked a ticket on a seven three seven max and they are canceling that ticket but they're also calling for the fleet to be grounded now people have also been sharing the list of the thirty two nationalities of people that have died on that flight and some people
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online have been sharing their own personal stories of people they know that either were on the flight or were meant to be but had last minute changes of plans now she's from jordan she tweeted that six egyptians were on board she says that flight that crashed today two of them were my colleagues who were parts of the interpretation team for a conference that was a big conference this year to be held in kenya many of those on board were heading to that and she says i just learned that one of them had her son with are on board that makes it three out of the six people on i know and that gives you an idea of some of the stories that we're hearing through social media. u.s. banks kurdish forces began a full scale attack on islamic state fighters in the syrian town of who's started up again after the deadline passed for eisel to surrender fighters from the armed group stayed in the town as thousands of people have been evacuated in recent weeks as the syrian democratic forces advance the s.t.'s is known civilians have been
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seen since saturday it accused us of using civilians as human shields just slowed the whole operation let's check in with hoda abdel-hamid following events from turkey's border with syria we were talking earlier about this phrase we always hear the last fight against i so what are your views on that based on what you're hearing about this fight. well we can say that certainly there is fighting ongoing as we speak now not only did the kurdish forces the s.d.f. underground but they're also backed by the u.s. led coalition that has carry as several as strike but as even a spokesman of that coalition said he has learnt not to speak about or to predict when the last battle will be simply because isaac has been putting up a fight and has also been surprising if i could use that word the
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as the air forces on the ground i think no one expected the amount of civilians coming out of but whose over the past few weeks at least twelve thousand but in total nearly fifty five thousand since this operation started no one also has expected the surrender of hundreds of i still fighters but some would tell you that i saw is using that as a way to control the advance of these kurdish forces on the ground some of the people who came out said that they were many more civilians killed in. that ten bill that we have been seeing the many that has been filled as the as the imposes have shown us but they say that there's also a possibility of a network of tunnels just behind by jews and that many more people there that if you ask the kurdish forces that tell you we don't know but we could expect that it
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is certainly something that was not put in the calculation is also worrying not only the kurds but the u.s. led coalition because even if you do get into banks who then you take control of that last sliver of land that the i still still controlled comparing the caliphate that they had announced about a few years ago well then you do have all these people now and the big question. it is what do you do with all these people you have the fighters on one hand and then you have their families on the other hand everybody is now in the instrument but it's certainly a logistical nightmare for everyone involved what are the homemade thank you for that update from the untap. here's what's coming up for you on this news hour after a weekend of power outages in venezuela the opposition. supporters in the capital caracas how a break the deal could impact the world fine especially of taxes go up on imports and exports and in sport the rally driver facing an unexpected obstacle to race in
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mexico. the office of the president of algeria says abdelaziz bouteflika is back home after receiving medical treatment in switzerland we saw this plane a little bit earlier taking off from geneva on sunday afternoon apparently carrying was to put the. local t.v. reported his plane landed at a military base just south of the capital algeria's well students have been out protesting against the president in the capital they're vowing to carry on as well despite university and college campuses being closed early to try to stop them from voicing their anger the support from. mobilized on the streets and then not backing down if algeria is authorities still close to the university's early would stop the protests that appear to have been
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a miscalculation we are protesting against a fifth president teach them a pledge to do to speak out and nothing is enough in a country desperate for jobs anger at the unemployment rates and corruption has been growing especially since protests began three weeks ago home is the dominant feeling that everybody's feeling at the moment however the students are to an extent confused and because as i said the government is is why not all this plot twist also confusing very well. but it's not just the students who are voicing their anger a partial strike across the country is. also underway and expected to last five days at the center of it all this man president abdelaziz bouteflika who has rarely been seen in public since suffering a stroke in two thousand and thirteen but his decision to stand for a fifth term an upcoming elections has galvanized opposition in the country and
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while he's offered to limit his term in office after the election and promised to change how it is run it's not the on rest it's also prompted questions of whether bouteflika is being used as a puppet candidate by a faction of civilian and military figures in a country that largely managed to sidestep the arab spring protests their rallies are a reminder that it's not immune to the discontent that sparked them so you go out as era the trumpet ministration is giving iraq a few more months to continue buying oil and electricity from neighboring iran before the u.s. and forces it sanctions on of the years of conflict baghdad actually now relies heavily on iran for goods and services and the iranian president hassan rouhani is visiting iraq to solidify ties between the neighbors trying to convince them to defy the u.s. president reports now from baghdad. iran's influence in iraq can be found from the
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detergent and hair dye on store shelves to the power that keeps the lights on in iraq e homes and businesses at this market in baghdad there are fears that the united states will eventually ban iraq from importing all iranian goods into the through this at the they rocky market would be hugely affected and the price of other imported products will skyrocket this is not in our favor as business owners nor good for consumers in iraq and iran are bound together by centuries of economic religious and political ties this week iranian president hassan rouhani is traveling to baghdad to meet with iraqi president barham saleh to try to expand them iraq in an iranian president's last met in november you weeks after the united states reimposed satans on iran they discussed establishing a free trade zone along it fared border and electricity and gas watch and building
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a railway connecting the two countries iraq relies on its neighbor to help its oil and electricity. last year protestors in iraq's oil rich southern region of basra torched the iranian consulate and the offices of iranian like militias and political parties more than two dozen people were killed. iraqis were fed up thirty thousand people became ill from drinking polluted water they said electricity and jobs were scarce and corruption rampant on a council book of a woman high sabbath iraqi people wake up you must take a stand against corruption they're all lying to us those rotten politicians the trap administration has given iraq a waiver that allows it to continue buying electricity and gas from iran but it expires on may fifth. it's not in the best interest of iraq to comply with
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the us economic sanctions on iran at the same time a consarned with iran and risk losing a strong ally like the united states therefore we should see the iraqi government holding the stick from the middle when it comes to policy with both iran and the us . the iraqi president has called the relationship between iraq and iran a quote fixed principle no matter what the trumpet ministration does in the next two months it's clear both countries are hoping the united states gets the message natasha going to zero baghdad. he with us now senior lecturer in international relations and middle east politics at the university of bradford he's on skype from mainz nice to see you in relations between iraq and iran can they operate outside of the united states they should be able to be there though they're the neighbors. yes they are needed and you know what is so interesting
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just that before for sure is it. president and the army is starting in iraq it's your opinion and you're a new president himself in particular has been going on about the fact that in american president in december on leave could visit iraq under the collar of darkness just to google to and american military base for a few hours to take if you pictures and then immediately kind of leaving the country and now president rouhani says that despite all the pressures that are not there is now an official busy and obviously this visit is not only going to be extremely important under the main simple security politics and economy but it is also extremely important symbolically for both countries in particular fall iran
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which has been facing with a lot of difficulties economic over the last few months but how does it potentially affect the u.s. iraq relationship because we know that iran is the bogeyman of the middle east the united states will pin pretty much any problem in the middle east on something to do with iran if iran cozy up to them or what does it do to the dynamics. you know look it's so interesting in american economy it's him to minimize raney an influence in the region and particularly in iraq over the last few months have been . tapped to productive as a result of american sanctions on iran and as a result of the traps or for iranian currency what we are hearing in goods and be really in serious is are now even more attractive and certainly in countries like iraq in. ironically iraq all that talk china as
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iran's prime not only will explore market at the moment basically the bottom of trade between the two countries is around tool thirteen billion dollars but both countries are absolutely determined that even this spider challenges despite the american pressure they can't reach that to twenty billion dollars of course and there is constantly kind of pressure rising that you're actually thirty's to at least minimize their dependency upon that iranian gas one at the same time be not that if the economy in force true much pressure born it's your thirty's it merely to some civil unrest we know that basically electricity shortages and gas shortages in iraq apin a serious issue and sit in over the last few months over the last few years it has
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created a lot of tensions on this feeds him back and buster and so many other cities so basically in this pretty specific situation the americans are between basically the rock and the heart please look beneath a limit to how far began book and sit in the net these a limit to how far they can actually increase their precious your act in despairingly effort giant mormon stuff in joining us from leeds great to talk to thank you. i'm going around fifteen thousand people have marched on the streets of moscow protesting against a proposed new law which would restrict the internet while protesters see it as another step toward censorship the government says the bill is needed to protect the country the story now from step tosser. and not an attempt to isolate russia from the outside world this is how these protesters see the latest bill to control the internet with most of russia's media under tight
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government control the internet and social media are considered the last remaining sources for independent information i don't want to live like in china now with the use of fire wall i want internet to be free and. i want to think three years ago it was a joke about that day we'll law prohibiting internet and art today we. see that actually it's not a job to suffer an internet bill proposes to reroute all russian internet traffic through a central point controlled by the state internet providers will have to install specialized equipment the government says it's needed because the country has become more vulnerable to cyber attacks from other countries. u.s. media recently reported that the american cyber command apparently managed to cut off the so-called st petersburg troll factory from the internet during last year's
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u.s. midterm elections staff at the building in russia second largest city had allegedly tried to influence the two thousand and sixteen campaign which was run by donald trump a charge rejected by moscow. i want to comment on that particular episode as it was a report by western mass media but you free assume that such an event took place this is in fact why we are trying to protect our internet from the possibility of switching off internet from an outside american source but internet experts say it will take years and billions of dollars to gain full control of the internet china's. something north of twenty billion dollars and. at the peak around one million people work project. yes china internet is way bigger it's ten times bigger than russia. but even ten days bigger we don't have couple be singles for these or something like one hundred thousand engineers the bill which
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is on its way through the russian parliament is the latest effort by the government to control the internet since two thousand and twelve the government has imposed many restrictions including locking more than one hundred fifty thousand websites arresting people for political santa to online polls and officially banning the popular messaging service telegram while many agree death threats of cyber attacks are real experts say that this bill could actually in danger internet traffic in russia even more recent bills to control the internet have been called clumsy and rushed but this latest bill is seen as a series attempt to control what is considered one of the last sources for independent information in russia dozens of people were detained during sunday's protest which was officially sanctioned by the government the reasons for the arrest have yet to be given the controversial bill will most likely be approved and become law later this year step fasten al-jazeera moscow. in the news
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ahead crushing the cry for freedom we take a look at decades of repression of the tibetans by the chinese government says the palestinian president appoints a new prime minister what does that actually mean though for the future of their government and in sport the defeat that may have confirmed an early end to the brown joins the six hundred sixty. and there was in quite a bit of weather across the middle east at the moment most of it is from this weather system here it's been with us over parts of iran now it's spiraling its way through parts of pakistan and through afghanistan as well bringing a simple heavy rain and a fair amount of wintry weather too but it is now clearing away so monday it'll still be clinging on to the kabul area but then as we head into tuesday it should
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be dry air here with a maximum temperature up to around eight further west we've got another weather system piling in here so for the western parts of turkey soaking wet and windy on choose stay even further towards the south and here in doha the winds are easing fortunately so it won't feel quite as chilly as we head through monday and tuesday the temperatures will be rising as well so i think by tuesday we're getting to around twenty seven degrees i think we're looking at a fair amount of cloud to ever parts of oh mom but it won't bring us too much in the way of significant rain that will stay rather humid there insular with a maximum temperature of twenty nine degrees further towards the south and we've got our tropical cycling with us this is the die you think it's worth around here this is the one that was on shore it started off overland and then worked its way over the sea and that's where it became a tropical cycle it's now drifting towards the west so this whole region is going to stay very very wet with some of the heaviest of the rains over parts of madagascar.
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isn't the problem for your candidate that he may not have a health question mark over him but he does have a corruption question mark or really doesn't look good for the image below a kid was not going to do it he will probably not knowing about it what do you say that he will you get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the us across the globe too far that is called for and that breaks doesn't build confidence it breaks will join me madly haasan on up front as my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and take issues here on al-jazeera. zero explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how liable reigns influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution communist away feel castro is a feudal eastern not a communist that castro wanted his country che wanted international revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face on al-jazeera
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. on the news on here at al-jazeera and these are our top stories a plane crash in ethiopia has killed all one hundred fifty seven passengers and crew on board and thirty two different nationalities the ethiopian airlines jet was flying from addus out about to nairobi kenya the u.s. is now sending investigators to help authorities find out what happens. to u.s. banks kurdish forces have begun a full scale attack on i still fight in the syrian town of start up again after the deadline passed for i saw two surrender fighters from the state in the town as thousands of people have been evacuated in recent weeks while the advanced. they
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say no civilians have since been seen or been seen since saturday. using civilians as human shields to slow the operation. and the office of the president of algeria put a figure is back home after receiving medical treatment in switzerland his plane is believed to have taken president bush if they get back to algeria took off from geneva on sunday afternoon local t.v. reporter this plane landed at a military base south of. the palestinian president has chosen a long time adviser and critic of hamas as his new prime minister mohammad is a top official in mahmoud abbas's fatah movement and a former peace negotiator his appointment very likely to deepen a rift with rivals hamas he will replace who had overseen a unity government but then resigned in january going to talk some more about this coeditor of. an online magazine specializing in the contemporary middle east he's on skype from washington maybe the first thing you can explain is the different
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powers between. president palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas and his prime minister and what the two of them actually do. well in principle. the prime minister is the head of government who controls a cabinet in cabinet the citizens and so on while the president is the chief executive of the possibilities already in practice and particularly during most recent tenure of prime minister from the last the prime minister is effectively an employee of the presidency because president will invite him to create and control all decisions large and small and so on and i suspect that will largely continue under the new prime minister mohamad the savior but i think also less so because the most significant difference between the hours going and the incoming prime ministers is a. member of the central committee which means that he
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can bring. the strengths of the movement or rather what remains of the movement to bear in order to carve out his role and in that respect i think that's an important reason why in this shows ok tell us about the effect that has on the rift which still exists between fatah and hamas they try to unity government they tried it before but still it remains. that risk will now deep and the main reason it will is not because of the identity of the new prime minister who as you pointed out is not to ilia fan of hamas the main reason is because this is a government that was sure and unilaterally without consultation and is expected to be a government that will. actively chose this much more on the west bank than in
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trying to recuperate its a story in the gaza strip so in that sense the rest will deepen stay is indeed a critic of hamas but then again so are most leaders to whom no i don't think that he is necessarily that much more than others so again i think we need to look at the way this government was formed rather than the identity of the prime minister he explained she would question though or ask you how important is unity between hamas and fattah because in the wider picture of middle east peace israel and the united states and others are not going to deal with any entity unity government or otherwise that includes hamas. well in my view palestinian national reconciliation and unity is the essential precondition and prerequisite for a policy an ability to do anything really confronting the policy of the current us
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government which is effectively trying to obliterate and liquidate the question of our side and i don't know you focus very much on the impact of this new appointment on the issue of possibly unity actually gets important also to look at it from another angle which is that. the president feels that there is a concerted american campaigns undermined and to undermine his leadership and perhaps and move them from power as many people pointed out he's also not the youngest president in the middle east and reining in an important. figure to head to head of the prime ministry is i think a way of them trying to shore up the support and to ensure the. or the significant portions of it remain on or with his leadership and also let's not forget. you know
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authority in the west bank and certainly facing a number of cheap crises as as the days go on this year. it's always a pleasure to talk to you thanks for your time. electricity has returned to many parts of venezuela off the days of blackouts those some areas are still without power the outages which began on thursday have affected schools businesses and homes spittles and at least sixteen patients have died from complications related to the blackouts at hospitals also public transport under immense pressure with the metro still not running and there's been reports of some stores being looted we're going to check in with a song. on the border between venezuela and could be a can you tell us what you're hearing. out of caracas asunder. yes yes come on actually we understand that the lights are out in most of the
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copies of innisfail has once again and the same is true in a number of regions across the country i spoke to people both in and in their regions especially the ones right here on the other side of the border they said that most neighborhoods got lights back their electricity back and communications for a while during the morning and then it went away again and it has been overall intermittent even for the people who have been lucky enough to get light the lights back on at least for a while also following the call by the leader of the opposition for more protest on sunday we understand that a number of people took to the streets in the center of caracas they tried to block some of these streets and they were immediately confronted by groups of people who
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are civilians in the feints president and i were in this government often armed in this case they were backed by the venezuelan police and were able to remove the protesters from their colleagues that is a ball and her team were filming this and we should be able to get these images very soon. she also filmed the looting in a market opening our market where people were just stealing food and they said that many of them didn't have any other alternatives because most of the food in their house is rotten after practically three days now almost complete blackout. just quickly. speaking again today he's been very public actually since his return from his latin american to what's he. absolutely spoke in front of the opposition controlled the national assembly in. maine and.
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the fact that he called for a special session of the national assembly on monday where he's asking the representatives there to vote for a so-called state of alarm this is the equivalent. of emergency which in normal circumstances would give the president there and the government special powers to deal with this emergency the issue is that the president does not recognize the national assembly so this will most likely be a symbolic act. even if the clarity and self interested president doesn't really control any troop level. in this city or the country the other thing that he's asked people to continue mobilizing both today sunday and tomorrow monday and in coming days.


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